Rainy days and mondays

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 —

Corset and shorts - CLOTHEPEDIA
Kimono - Zara
Shoes - Aldo

I've had this corset & highwaist shorts for a long time already but I just got the chance to wear it now because it didn't fit me well at first. But now, since I lost weight, I decided to wear it! 

If you follow me on twitter, you'll notice my diet and exercise tweets. Yup! I've always loved exercising and sports but because I've been too busy with work, I tend to get all lazy and just sleep during my free time. I gained weight and freaked out when I saw the weighing scale. So I said to myself that I would take care of my body by eating the right food and by exercising. Soon enough, I promise to do sports again! Perhaps swimming and soccer, the two things I super miss doing! 


  1. Hi Tracy! I like your corset!<3


  2. Wow! I adore you for your hardwork in exercising and your diet. Wish I have that, too. =|


  3. I'm inlove with this look! :)



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