A little bit of crazy

Friday, December 28, 2012 —

Top - NEXT JEANS (Available in SM & landmark department stores)
Skirt - Bubbles
Shoes - Luxe Mode

What's up with my laziness!! I've been so uninspired to dress up lately. I mean I try to experiment but sometimes I really don't know if the outfit works for me! Lol. It's weird cos it's my job to know if an outfit works or not since I'm a stylist but I dunno... I guess I need fashion inspiration! Because of that, I decided to watch The September Issue again last night. Everytime I feel uninspired, I watch that. To all those who haven't seen it, it's the story of how they created Vogue September 2007 issue. September is like the "new year" in fashion. Lol why am i explaining. If you haven't seen it (and you super love fashion), I suggest you watch it! :)


  1. Nakita mo recent outfitey ko??? Ganyan ding tinali na polo shirt naman! :D Ang galing! :) Hehehe... I wanna watch yung sinabi mo above! :)

  2. how much have you bought your top? :)


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