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Sunday, December 9, 2012 —

Bracelets - SM Accessories
Shoes - SM Parisian

Thank God for photoshop! Took these photos when the sun was already settling down. #bloggerproblems! They look okay naman... noh? Haha. 

One big anyway! I wore this to the ChaLife milk tea launch. I finally found the perfect powdered milk tea! Not too sweet but most importantly, not expensive! :-) Plus you can serve it either hot or iced. I prefer my milk tea, cold :) Seriously heard my taste buds clapping when I drank it. Lol! Not kidding. I tweet about Chalife like I'm their endorser! Lol I'm not okay I just love it to bits!

I'm sure you're now all curious about this new drink, well... go ahead! Try it! You can buy them in Landmark, Waltermart and 7eleven stores.

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  1. Nice nice sa pag moremore brightness beb! I missed you! :) See you sooon!


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