Thursday, December 13, 2012 —

dress - SABRINA
sandals - Forever 21

Lazy day. Didn't even bother putting concealer (say hello to my eyebags, eh?) and shoes. Just grabbed a dress, sandals, and accessories. 

When it comes to doing errands, I make sure I wear comfy clothes that will allow me to move freely. I don't want to be hassled by heels, layers of clothes and piled-up accessories.


  1. well, as usual, you look stunning. That dress is gorgeous.

  2. You look so pretty, Tracy!! :) Thank you for using the bracelet! May I share these pics on my shop's page? Thank you!
    xx Nika, Owner of Toxic Candy Shop

  3. YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS TRACY!! Thanks for using the bracelet!! :) May I share them on my shop's page? Thank you and more power to you!
    xx Nika, Toxic Candy Shop


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