Something unique

Thursday, December 27, 2012 —

Top - Bangkok
Skirt - Bubbles
Shoes - CMG

I swear, this is the second to the last time I'm going to wear peplum. :P My bestfriend gave me a peplum top for pasalubong so... yeah. I know you're all probably tired seeing me wear all kinds of peplums but I'm so in-love with the trend I just can't let go?? HAHA! See, it even led me to experiment and try a totally unique one! What do you think? :P


  1. I love peplums as well, Tracy! Nice outfitey :)

  2. Queen Peplum!!! Hehehe! Ako naman hindi ko manlang sha natry! Dapat pala nirisk ko na nung panahong uso sha hehehe... Buti pa mullet naka suot ako, pero once lang! ;P haha


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