Tuesday, December 18, 2012 —

Shorts - H&M
Wedge sneakers - Primark
Shades - from a flea market in London

SURPRISE!!!! Don't you just LOVE trying out new trends? Here I am sporting the athletic chic trend again. This time, with a baseball shirt + wedge sneakers. Baseball shirts are so in right now! Glad I found a store who sells them :) Check out Straightforward clothing! They also sell V-neck shirts. Perfect for days wherein you're lazy yet you still want to look stylish! Lazy look pero trendy parin diba? :)

I just want to share that I was a tshirt + shorts kind of girl back in college. Plus, I've always been a sporty but kikay girl (lol) back in gradeschool/highschool. Swimming, badminton, and track & field were my favorites but I got into a deep relationship with soccer the moment I started playing in Ateneo Football Center (AFC). :P 

How I miss those days! Now, the only "sport" I do is basketball in Timezone! Hahaha :P Sometimes I do Muay Thai but for fitness reasons only. I wish I can just find a team and play soccer again! :(

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  1. I love your leather shorts!!


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