Tie dye

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 —

Top (skirt used as top) and bottom - SABRINA
Necklace - Simone's closet
Slippers - Bling Duck from SCHU

When you run out of clothes, try to be creative. Tip #1: use your bottom as a top or vice versa.

That's what I did when I saw these skirts from SABRINA. I thought the 2 pieces would look good together. Both are pastels and tie dye so mixing them wasn't a problem. Plus, the skirt looks like a tube top so... viola! The only challenge was which one to use as a top. I chose the purple one because... no reason. LOL

I don't like wearing accessories in the beach. I think it's unnecessary. But just for the sake of outfit shots, I wore a necklace. 

And of course, I'm just wearing slippers.

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