Bloggers United 4

Thursday, January 10, 2013 —
Late post!! I know, I know. But it's better late than never, right? :P

I already made a blog post for my lovely readers (CHECK IT OUT), so this time, I've decided to share with you guys some photos with my crazy friends in the blogging world :)

But before I show them, I want to tell you a quick kwento! During the 2nd day of Bloggers United, Pax went up to me and said "Darating dito si Shay Mitchell!" I was like "Wow, nice punta siya ng Philippines! When?" Biglang sabi ni Pax "Girl as in today, now, dito sa Bloggers United!!!" And I swear, the fangirl in me got all kilig and excited because 1) I watch Pretty Little Liars religiously and 2) Pax told me we have to help Shay do her shopping! It still feels surreal now, but these photos are proof that it really happened! Can't believe it :) It was nice meeting you Shay! Btw, she started a blog na rin! Visit, visit =)

With Shay with my fellow shopping guide Pax :P // Ready to shop, Shay?? :)

Shay wearing Anagon headband!

Me and the gorgeous Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars!

&& now here are some photos with my blogger loves!

Angela, one of my fave beauty bloggers, who I like to call Marian :P // Tin, we've been friends since HS because we were soccermates in Ateneo Football Center

My favorites Vern and Verniece. Also known Vern before blogging! Verniece, I love how our conversations can get super random and funny :))

David! We always do this whenever we see each other. Honeymoon lang ang peg! "LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!" Hahahahaha :P

Two of my closest friends, Lissa and Cheys :) Sila may alam ng mala-MMK stories ko in life hahaha!! Love you both!!!

With my twin who visited me!! Thank youuu :) // With the gorgeous Abbie Almasco :) Walang kupas ang ganda!

The BFFs Ana and Pauly pocket :) My crazy friends na super love ko! I think I see this guys every week. Di ako nagsasawa sakanila. Sobrang crazy kasi nila HAHAHA

With Bjorn, Pax, Dani :) Super talented nitong mga to :) Kakainspire! Plus super goodvibes nito mga kasama. Lokohan palagi hahaha!!

GUYS... *drumroll please* meet my IDOL, Kookie!!!!! Nun di pa kami friends ni Kookie, pag nakikita ko siya sobrang nasstarstruck ako (actually hanggang ngayon)! Her style is amazing beyond belief. Imagine kung ano na-feel ko when we became friends. Love her sobra! She's super humble:)

With Prits/Prito/Patrish, I think siya yun pinakamatagal ko na friend sa blogging world. (Or baka tie sila nila Ana and Tin). We've known each other since highschool :) 

And with the fierce Ral! Dati I'm super scared of her kasi parang masungit, but when I got to know her, super funny and friendly! :) Ral, pa-cake pops ka naman!!! :D

My friends who visited me!!! Joa, Kathy, Joh, Jacob... love you all :-)

At shempre huli talaga siya! Hello Jeron :)

Sorry ang daldal ko and taglish! Nafeel ko lang magkwento.

To everyone who went to BU4, super thank you!!!!! Lubos po ang pasasalamat namin. :) See you at Bloggers United 5 (if andito pa ako sa Philippines hehe)


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