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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 —
Instagram photos of my Cebu trip last Jan 18-21. I only have around 50 photos in my camera (this is unusual) because I just brought my Canon digicam because I was lazy to bring my Nikon dSLR. I don't regret anything actually. I may have not been able to capture those memories in photographs, but they were definitely captured in my heart and mind.

It's already my fourth time in Cebu yet every time I go there, I still feel super excited and I keep wishing I live there. It's such a chill place with great beaches and uber yummy food. Malls are nice and people are warm. My kind of city!

DAY 1: 

Meet my fave travel buddy, DEN! This girl is awesome :) She's game to do anything/go anywhere! Met up with Cebu bloggers and had dinner in David's Kitchen. Lovely place! After, we went to Lifedance. Thank you EDEN for the VIP passes! I never thought I'd like that kind of music/dance festival. I'm not into techno/electronic music, but surprisingly, I enjoyed ;) Met up with college friends and stayed there till 2am. Den and I walked like crazy till we found a cab. HAHA!


I was already feeling sick (thanks to the SUPER chilly Cebu weather!) but I drank meds and after a few hours, I felt brand new. Went to Portofino beach to chill. We weren't able to swim cos there were a lot of people and the beach isn't so nice. :( After watching my blogger friends do their outfit photos (haha I was lazy so I didn't shoot any look photos in Cebu), we left the beach to have late lunch in Zubuchon. I swear, they have the best Lechon!!! Too bad I wasn't able to buy again. Ugh! Went back to the hotel to recharge.

We went to La Maison Rose for Ana banana's birthday dinner. Love you babe :* It's one of my fave restos in Cebu. A must-try! Rushed to the Sonic Boom gig. I was so happy to see Paramita and Urbandub! Mad respect to these bands, I swear! :) Thank you Niche for the passes & shirts. 

Walked back to the hotel to change then went to Barcode to meet up with friends! Sadly, Den and I were so tired already so we only stayed there for an hour. Took the jeep going back to the hotel because it was impossible to get a cab! Walked approx 3k because the jeep dropped us off in a wrong street/place/whatever. I was so tired but it was worth it! :)


Had late lunch/dessert in Ayala before going to the battlefield called BASELINE. I had fever but YOLO (hahahaha don't hate the term, it is actually funny :P). I think this is my best Sinulog even though my friend got injured plus my other friend lost her phone. My cousin who helped Rhipstop organize the whole thing gave us bottles so I decided to give people shots straight from the bottle! It was the highlight of my trip. Haha! 

After the kagulo moment in Baseline, we all went back to my friends' hotel to chill and have dinner. Watched fireworks and got super curious how fireworks are made. Like how do they form those picture perfect sparkles?? Lol!!

Walked back to our hotel (the grueling 45-minute walk was exhausting beyond belief but YAY we survived, duh). After, we went back to our friends' hotel and tried to walk to IT Park but it was too far. We got lost but after an hour, we found a cab! Abra had to say "plus 100" before the cab driver agreed to take us to IT Park hahaha what an experience!

Chilled in Irie to just eat, drink, and talk. It was our last night in Cebu :(


Den and I finally got to eat in my fave resto in Cebu, CASA VERDE! Shopped in Topshop with Pax and Ana :)) Met up with friends before going back to the hotel to get our bags and leave for the airport. Surprisingly, we arrived in the airport super sakto and the flight wasn't delayed! Good job Cebu Pacific!

Still can't believe the Sinulog weekend is over :( I'm missing Cebu quite terribly already! :( But I'm looking forward to my trips this year: Sagada, Boracay, Cambodia, Europe and US! :-)

Thank you Jesus for all the blessings!


  1. Love you, hassle-free travel buddy! :)


  2. I think i saw you walking somewhere in Gorordo at 4am hehe :-)

  3. I think i saw you somewhere in gorordo at 4 in the morning hehe ure so pretty! :-)

  4. Baaaabe! When are you going to Boracay? :)


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