Do you dare?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 —
Here are the photos from the shoot I did with Maybelline Philippines :) 

The dress and the top I used here are all thrifted! I miss going to ukay-ukays! Wish I had more time to do that :( Anyway, hope you like the photos!! Thanks again Maybelline for getting me:)


  1. Hi Tracy! :) I started reading your blog since december of 2012 only...and I can't stoooop! :D It's been a part of my everyday life..reading your blog before doing my work. :)) I also recommended your blog to my friends and officemates. ;) BTW, I love going to ukay-ukays too! :)

    God bless you!ü

    1. Aww Phin!! Nakakatouch to sobra!! Thank you so much :) :) Hope i meet you soon!

  2. Hello there! I love Maybelline. Been using their products for a while now.
    And by the way, just started reading your blog and it's nice. Can't stop browsing your older posts. :)

    Hope you'll visit mine too.



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