Saturday, January 26, 2013 —
Look what I received lately!!! These items are not my usual style but I'm excited to try them out ;) 

Killer cap, i love poopies band, shirts from the SONIC BOOM concert I attended in Cebu! Thank you Nick Automatic, Product of Uranus, Venom clothing etc for giving me these :)

Shirt from Leo Creations

YOLO bracelet from Anagon :)

Edgy wedges from Shoe Etiquette

YES, I haven't been doing outfit posts for 2 weeks already because I don't have time to take look shots!  I swear I'll shoot something ASAP. To the brands/online stores who have been sending me stuff, I will wear them all soon xx Thank you :-)


  1. Dayuum! This clothes are so sick!!! Looking forward to a new look of yours! :)


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