Let's get physical!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 —

What's keeping me busy these past few weeks? Well, I've been so obsessed with... *drumroll please* working out (thanks to my friend Lissa for pushing me to do this). I don't do intense workouts (yet) but I'm getting there. I need to be more disciplined and of course, I need drive to continue this and make it part of my daily routine.

Speaking of fitness, I normally don't care what my gym attire is. I don't workout to make "pacute" hahaha but after attending the Adidas store opening in Highstreet, I realized that it's more fun to workout with fashionable gym clothes! Yeah yeah label me as someone superficial but don't you want to look good eventhough you're sweating buckets? Who wants to look like trash anyway?

I got new gym clothes (thank you lovely people of Adidas!) But I realized, I need to get new running/gym shoes too. Must. Save. Up. For. It! The shoes I wear now whenever I workout is a "pangporma lang" rubbershoes but from Adidas also. I don't want to abuse my feet by wearing the wrong ones! Maybe that's the explanation for my backaches -_-

Anyway, drop by the new Adidas store in Highstreet! I never thought I'd say this, but prepare to fall in love with sports clothes :P You'll be so determined and inspired to workout after. Haha!

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