Military chic

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 —

Top and shades - Bangkok
Jeans - Next Jeans (available in SM and Landmark dept stores)
Shoes - Zara
Belt - Embellish Manila (Podium)

Please forgive me for using these gorgeous heels from Zara... again! Lol I can't stop. Seriously. It's too pretty for my life! So excited to use my new ones but please bear with me because I will overuse this one! :P

If you notice, I've been wearing jeans. I'm falling inlove with its simplicity and comfort. I think my style is maturing! Hahaha. Well it's about time since I'm turning 24 this year. Yikes!

Anyway, I decided to do the military trend. But I'm sure you'll ask... where's the camo?? Well, who says you can't do the military trend without that element? :) I "redefined" it by wearing these colored jeans and by abusing studs (check my belt, shoes, and top!). Did it work? Hahaha!


  1. Love the color of your jeans :)your heels are really cute, too!

  2. it worked! :) hahaha! :) happy new year beb! ganda ng style na yan sa yo :) still trying to figure out my look this new year hahaha :D

  3. Love how you combined everything!! Yes, you looked like a military chic!! <3



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