Song of Style

Sunday, January 6, 2013 —

Top and pants - BASIC HOUSE
Watch - Bench
Shoes - Zara

If you read a lot of US fashion blogs, you'll know why my title is like that. I have found my ultimate style inspiration: Aimee Song of Song of Style. If you don't know her, please do google her :) I assure you will become an instant fan! 

I've always been the girly, super high heels type of girl but when I started reading her blog, I realized the importance of having jeans that fit you well, minimalist heels, striking blazers, and how to lessen accessories. I actually sold like 80% of my accessories at Bloggers United 4. That's how much I idolize her. Lol. I sound obsessed but you can't blame me cos I'm totally captured by her style & overall awesomeness :P

Yesterday, I posted about the newest korean clothing brand in town:  BASIC HOUSE. The mustard pullover and plum jeans are from Basic House. Do you know that the sweater is from the men's section? YES! Hahaha :D I seriously think their menswear is impeccable! I want my first (future and forever LOL) boyfriend to wear Basic House! Simple yet stylish.

I didn't want to look too boyish and serious so I took my new babies from Zara for a spin just to add a little oomph to the ensemble ;)


  1. I also like Aimee Song! She's so pretty and stylish. Oh and your sweater is the best!! I was surprised when I read that you got it from the men's section! I can't wait to shop at Basic House because it's a Korean brand! Haha.

    1. She really is!! Idol ko sobra :) Yeah :) Buti nga nagkasya yun sweater! May gray version super nice rin :)

  2. I love Aimee Song! I started following her during my days on Chictopia :) Very classy!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  3. Future and forever boyfriend, FORTHEFUCKINWIN!!! Hahahahahaha! Relate ako jan hehehe, although wow ang ganda pala ng Basic House!!! Dapat pala tinagalan ko yun ikot ko when we were there, bet ko yun top and pants!!! Lahat na, hahaha

    1. For the fucking win talaga!!! Ewan ko nalang if di ko pa maconvince ang universe sa pag The Secret ko!! Oo, ganda ng stuff nila promise :)

      Miss you labas tayoooooo!!


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