Taipei, Taiwan

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 —
Warning: long blog post ahead!

Oh my goodness. WAAAAAAY overdue post. I apologize (again). A lot of you guys are asking me to post my travel photos so I'll start with my trip last June. And then to follow yun iba (Coron, Bangkok, Vigan, Cebu). Sana tuloy tuloy na kasipagan ko. Haha!

Alright... where do I start? Last June 2012, my cousins and I booked a random trip to Taiwan. We were planning to go to Cambodia but because of our fascination with Modern Toilet  (I blogged about this restaurant months ago!), we decided to go to Taiwan! So random, right?? Hahaha! I love having cousins like Trish and Ches (also Steph, hi!!) who are super game to travel.

Since matagal na yun trip, I don't remember all the names of the places we went to. Basta we booked a flight via Cebu Pacific. They had a promo so I think our airfare was around php6000 lang! REMINDER: There's a visa for Taiwan! If you have a US visa/you're an american citizen, you just have to download the taiwan document, fill it up, print it, and you're good to go! If you don't have a US visa, you have to get pa from the Taiwan Embassy.

We experienced the WORST turbulence ever. Really thought I was going to die. =)) I think that caused my fear of flying. I still travel a lot pero grabe, everytime nagkakaturbulence I get supermega nervous. No kidding! My friends who travel with me know about this. I get so paranoid. I blame the show "Lost" for this intense fear. HAHAHA.

Okay, we experienced that kind of turbulence that time because of the typhoon. YUP... nagkatyphoon pagpunta namin ng Taiwan! We enjoyed our first day pero for the next 3 days, walang sun so it was so hard to go around. Make sure you check the weather updates before you book a flight para hindi sayang trip niyo. Well I still enjoyed but maybe next year I'm going back to Taiwan to explore the place better (and siguro para rin makita na finally ang F4 especially Jerry Yan HAHAHA)

For the hotel, I recommend City Inn 3. It's located near the malls, Taipei Underground Market, and Taipei main station. Super convenient plus the hotel looks really cool and artsy plus super clean! As in perfect 10 siya for me! :) We paid around 18k for 4 days/3nights. Not bad right? 3 kami sa room so tig 6k. It's not that big pero ganda talaga!

The things I did in Taipei:

1. Visit Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall / Taipei National Theatre (see blog post HERE)

2. Eat in Modern Toilet (see blog post HERE)

3. Go to temples! Okay, I'm going to blog about this tomorrow. I promise. I am a buddhist wannabe (I blame my chinese blood for this) so I really go to A LOT of temples whenever I travel. Sometimes I even give alms to monks and the like. I'll explain my fascination with Buddhism in my next post. 

4. Shopping! Because there was a typhoon, we weren't able to do all the tourist-y things in Taipei. So of course, what did we do? Shop our hearts out! We went to a lot of malls near our hotel. Hate to break it to you guys but shopping is sort of expensive in Taiwan. Especially the stuff in the malls. I suggest you go to Shi Lin night market (the most popular night market in Taipei) and Wufenpu (mostly wholesale but I super enjoyed shopping here!). Wufenpu is quite far from the city but it's so worth it to go there! :) Got a lot of nice and cheap stuff there :) Sa Shi Lin naman, maraming food carts sa streets! They're clean don't worry :P I'm an OC eater but I enjoyed the street food naman! Oh, also go to Taipei Underground market. It's connected to Taipei Main Station. They sell clothes, gadgets, consumer goods. I saw a lot of massage place rin sa area:)

5. Drink a lot of Milk Tea. Taiwan is the LAND OF MILK TEAS. I loved Coco and 50 lan. :)

6. Party in LUXY SUPERCLUB! It is one of the best superclubs in Asia. I don't know how much is the entrance since our american friend who lives in Taiwan just put our names in the guest list. I had a lot of fun there. Maraming gwapo. HAHAHAHA. :P

7. Try Maokong Gondola. I wasn't able to try this because of the typhoon. Canceled yun operations nila pagpunta namin. Super dami train rides from the city going to Maokong Gondola. Probinsya levels kasi siya. But yup, kaya i-commute! :)

8. And of course, for the ultimate tourista experience, go to TAIPEI 101. It was the tallest building in the world (until the opening of Burj Khalifa building in Dubai). Please eat at DIN TAI FUNG! Trust me on this :)


1. Learn kahit konting mandarin because the people don't speak english mashado! It's so hard to communicate. I know a bit of mandarin but I still had a hard time :( So learn the basics.

2. Commute (take the Metro) or walk. Don't take cabs cos it's expensive! Except of course sa gabi. I think the Metro closes at 10 or 11. 

3. Always have a map with you. Sobrang helpful cos magiging bestfriend mo yun train sa stay mo dun.

Overall, I liked Taipei. I felt very safe naman! People are so nice :) Food was awesome! Shopping is okay in malls, better in night markets. Please try to go to hole in the wall pubs. :) Pero kami ginawa namin is to drink outside 7eleven with our foreigner friends haha! I'll do 2 more blog posts about Taiwan (temples + random photos).

But for now, i-tour ko kayo sa streets ng Taipei through these photos! :)

Oh btw, check my one and only outfit post in Taiwan! CLICK HERE.

Sorry if the blog post is written in taglish! Conversational kasi yun peg ko. Hehe. Plus please bear with me, this is my first detailed travel post. 

Enjoy!! :) More to come!


  1. You just won the TRAVEL GIRL OF THE YEAR 2012. Haha Echos ko lang yun! But glad that you did enjoy your stay in Taiwan and shared it to us. I felt like nakapunta na din ako ng Taiwan because of your mini tour. :D :) Excited for more travel posts!

    1. Aww love what you said!! :) More pa soon! Dami pa actually!!: ) Sana di ako tamarin magpost!

  2. Oh myyy buti nlng nabasa ko to! I don‘t know how to thank you!! All along I knew that we don‘t need visa for taipei. I‘m leaving this Feb. Unless pala you have other visa such as USA visa. Mom ko lng meron. and I processed right away her entry permit. tpos ako nagfile agad agad ng application for Taipei visa. waahhh! Thank you so much! I hope they‘ll grant me a visa. sayang din. ksi mga binayad namin

    1. Ako rin last minute ko lang nalaman!!! :) Hope you enjoyed your taiwan trip!

  3. Hi! where is this leaning tower of pisa kuno located? :)

    1. at a store lang i cant remember the name of the store:(

  4. Hi Ate Tracy, just wanted to ask where did you stay in Taiwan? My family and I are going kasi and we're looking for a hotel :)


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