Unusual mix

Thursday, January 3, 2013 —

Top - Next Jeans (available in SM & Landmark department stores)
Shorts - Miss Sixty
Shades - Bangkok
Spiked bracelet - I forgot what brand please email me so I can credit properly!
Shoes - Aldo

Decided to mix grey, green, gold, and blue. I don't know what got into me but I think I chose the wrong shoes!!! HAHAHAHA. I don't even want to ask if the outfit worked because I might get bashed LOL I promise to do better!!!! o_O I wasn't even wearing a belt and watch before taking these outfit shots but my friend Aie gave me her belt & watch so I can wear it for the shoot lang! So funny and cute! :D Thanks girl! So focus nalang on the half body shots and not mind my shoes hahahahaha gosh!

I want a gold watch!!!!!!! Santa Claus, why didn't you give me one (or perhaps two lol) last Christmas???? :(


  1. HAHAH your friend's so cute, letting you borrow her accessories for your outfit posts! The shoes are fine, it adds a different mix. :D I want a gold watch (rose gold would be okay too) watch too! HAHAH!


    1. I know!! She styled me talaga :P I want a gold watch too :(

  2. love the color of your outfit!! <3



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