Wednesday, February 6, 2013 —
Kwento what I did last week through instagram photos! :-)

GER with CSA boys // Athena's birthday dinner :) Happy birthday baby!!

Patrish and I wearing ANAGON accessories // Bonding with ze Patricias (Ians & Prits)

With baby Calel // Spa time with my bestfriend, Ikya!

Double date (LOL) with Ikya, Ches, Allan // new ad for crepes and cream another LOL HAHA

Hiphop! Killahhhh!

Outfit shots:)

Loving my hair thanks to Loreal's new Steam Pod treatment! // Patrish and I wearing anagon accessories again!

Outfit shots!

The 4.5 kg toblerone! :O Jas and I had a few bites for midnight snack. :p

I made donuts!!! // J.Co eastwood media launch with Dani

New shoes!!! :-)

Love my weird sissy, Ikay :-) (yes we love arcades hehe)

Addicted to these :O Reese puffs and J.Co donuts!!

Missed you Meme and Ninyoooo! :)

Please allow me to be vain :P Thanks again Loreal & Bench Fix for my lovely hair!

Obviously missing Sinulog/Cebu :( // With Ria of Paramita :)

Words to live by ;)

Have a good day!!! :-)

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