Magnum VIP party

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 —
Attended the #magnumparty2013 last night. I don't have much photos (I was busy having fun!) so to make things more interesting, I polaroidized (I just invented this word lol) the photos heehee!

The party was held in Forbes. And I must say, everything was spectacular! Great food, overflowing drinks & magnum (!), kickass music (hello Azealia Banks!), and awesome crowd :-)

Azealia Banks in the house!!!!

With the crazy Tons!!! HAHA

My dates for the night: Trish & Abby!

My favorite Patricias! My cousin Trish & my carebear Prits :-)

Magnum has new flavors! Chocolate strawberry & chocolate brownie. Tried both last night! Loved the strawberry one! :)

Always fun with these two ladies :) 

Thank you Magnum for the invite! :* 

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