Sunday, February 10, 2013 —

Top and shorts - Cotton On
Necklace - Anagon
Shoes - Chili Margarita

Hello everyone! So happy I finally got to update my blog after a week of not doing so. I seriously hope I have a photographer with me 24/7 who can take my outfit shots. Since I don't, I fail to post regularly :| 

One big anyway, visited DLSU last week and maaaan! The Henry Sy Hall looks AMAZING. Plus there are so many new restaurants in the area. Crap! I miss being a student. Fun, fun times! (...when all you have to worry about is passing all your subjects). Now that I'm an adult I worry about ALL aspects of life. Whew :|

If I were a student, this is probably going to be my daily uniform. Longer shorts, perhaps. The guards didn't want me to enter school cos I was violating the dress code (short shorts) but they couldn't do anything about it because I'm an alumnus. :P That was funny. Oops. Hahaha!


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