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Saturday, February 23, 2013 —
My february! Who I spent it with, what I did, what I wore... etc! :-)

Valentines day outfit :-) Something romantic... lace and corset? best combo ever!

Wanted to share with you guys what I usually wear whenever I'm SUPER DOOPER lazy. This is my no-brainer uniform. My friends always tease me "ready ka na mag golf!" whenever I would wear this ensemble hahaha :P

Outfit shots :-)

Gym time in Elorde Makati! To those who are curious why I'm wearing an Ateneo jersey (eventhough I'm from DLSU), I played for AFC (Ateneo football center) back in highschool. Hahaha!

Last week was all about FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS!! Hahaha :) Finally got to bond with my love Andi (Sam and Jas photobombing our photo LOL) and I spent my Sat night with my girls Yanna, Coy, Iks and Chek :)

Meet Athena. Daughter of my sissy Ikay :) Isn't she adorable??? :)

Pigged out like a boss last week! Locale with my barkada ++ finished this Funky Monkey bar in one sitting. I'm not kidding :(

My fave desserts from Babycakes by Jo Cabuay! Order order! Macarons, cupcakes, pushpops :-) 09176255616.

Jumped onto the COOKIE BUTTER bandwagon! I like the crunchy one better:) Been getting a lot of inquiries where I got this. Visit Blue Kitchen Shang or Rockwell. It's 525 a jar :)

My girls Jas and Andi :) Love you two!!!

My idol/girlcrush Armi Millare... AHHHHH. I love you!!!

Muay thai and conditioning! Kapag hindi pa ako nagka-abs nito... ewan ko nalang! :P

Minimalist, forever.

My #rexonadomore posts! Skate, cliff diving, snorkeling. Yup it's safe to say I'm adventurous! :P

Blue and violet. :-)

Watched F4's performance in Taiwan's chinese new year celebration event!! SHUCKS I almost cried. I'm such a fan, okay!!

Want to leave you guys with my favorite motto ever :-)

GOD BLESS EVERYONE! Have a happy weekend! :)

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