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Thursday, February 14, 2013 —

Stem Cell Beauty

Does it actually work?

For years now, stem cells have been making headlines in both the medical and health industries and for good reasons. An undifferentiated (unspecialized) type of cell that has the ability to reproduce and turn into any other cell, stem cells play a key role in the development and rejuvenation of tissues and the production of new cells.

More recently, stem cells have emerged as a buzz phrase in the cosmetic industry with celebrities like Lorna Tolentino and Lolit Solis undergoing the treatment. The phrase has also cropped up on several product and treatment names and ingredients lists, as more and more cosmetic companies lay claim of using the technology. According to claims, stem cells (human or plant) are ideal for anti-aging skincare due to its ability to stimulate the skin to grow new, younger cells and reverse the signs of aging. However, despite all the hype, a majority of the public is still apprehensive to try products that claim to contain stem cells, doubting its ability to deliver its big promise.

Does it really work?

According to a study done by a biochemistry laboratory in Switzerland, stem cells derived from one specific apple specie does.  Malus Domestica, a rare apple variety rich in proteins, long-living cells and phytonutrients (nutrients derived from plant materials that are necessary for sustaining human life), contain properties that have the ability to significantly decrease wrinkle depth, delay senescence (cell aging), repair DNA, and protect the skin against oxidative stress and UV damage.

In general, all stem cells contain factors that function to preserve the capacity of other cells to repair itself. However, in contrast to human and animal, plant stem cells have the ability to regenerate new organs (roots, leaves, flowers, etc) or even the entire plant. “Human stem cells may have more potent effects, but all plant cells can dedifferentiate and become a stem cell. This property makes them ideal for cosmetic purposes,” explains Dr. Jennifer Camat, a professional aesthetic doctor at Flawless.

Recognizing the great potential of stem cell technology, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and aesthetic services, Flawless partnered with a local industry leader to develop the country’s first ever mass-marketed skincare line with plant stem cells. Dubbed “superfood for the skin,” Flawless’ Stem Cell Line is the epitome of skin nutrition.

“We are very pleased to introduce everyone our Stem Cell Line,” says Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “This new range of products allowed us to mark several milestones not just for Flawless but for the local beauty industry. Once again, we have taken something that, for the longest time, has remained exclusive to celebrities and other influential people and made it affordable for the regular Juan and Juana.”

Flawless’ Stem Cell Line’s innovative formulation utilizes plant stem cell technology to revive the skin’s youthful appearance by protecting it against oxidative stress and boosting the skin’s repair and rejuvenation systems.

Sy adds that the new line is not just for people with maturing skin. Underscoring Flawless’ commitment to provide world-class skincare solutions for everyone, it’s also an ideal preventive care for people exposed to various aging factors.

“Times really have changed. No thanks to free radicals that are present in almost every thing around us
—from the food we eat to the air we breathe—people today age so much faster. This is especially true for people who like to spend late nights partying or spend too much time in front of the monitor. Various studies have proven time and again the harmful effects such activities have on our skin.”

From the faintest hint of lines caused by too much partying, to dry and dull skin due to dehydration and dark spots and uneven skin tone from unprotected sun exposure, Flawless’ Stem Cell Line promises to solve all these and more by providing your skin with the right amount of nutrition and protection. 

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