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Friday, March 22, 2013 —
Photodiary! ♡

YOT presscon of Daniel, Kathryn, Rayver, Julia & Robi! Attended the event with my love Dani! :-)

Artsy fartsy wednesdays in my management, Nuffnang!! So fun :-) Guess who won?? ;)

My girls who shine even brighter than the sun. Naks!! Love you guys :*

Beach weekend with my girls was PERFECT. Such an adventure!

hashtag OOTD. Lol!

Cute noh? :) Lego? NO! Lol. And my fave line from Silver Linings Playbook!

GIFTS!!! Thank you brands for always putting a smile on my face :-)

CAMBODIA!!! Elephant rides, fish spa, swimming in the saltwater pool, temple run live, foodtrip, gym (yes! :P) Travel diaries, soon! :-)

What a guy, this guy!!! Guess who won 2 awards at the Myx Music Awards & 3 awards at the Wave 89.1 urban music awards? :-) Congrats Abra :)

Converse shoot! :-) With Yen, Jackie, Ana & Mama Sarah!


Bershka opening with my blog friends!

Dinner at Fridays with the gang! Thank you Perkcomm :)

Styled the beautiful Valeen Montenegro! Grab a copy of Men's Health March issue! And Candy magazine March issue also :) I styled the beauty editorial!

Few of my favorite friends! Jo, Ikay, Gretch! :-)

How to each a Burger King STUNNER bbq cheeseburger! Lol! And me chilling with my stufftoys... bwahahaha

WANDERLUST + EXCELSIOR. Probably my favorite words :)

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