Tuesday, March 26, 2013 —

Jacket and shorts - NEXT JEANS
Top - Wanderlust (Cambodia)
Necklace - SM Accessories
Shoes - Converse

It's my first time to wear camo. It's too boyish for my style but how can I resist this cute shorts and studded jacket?? Hehe. Do you like it with or without the jacket??

 I wore this to a pamper day in MALDITA STUDIO (salon review tomorrow!) and to a Spongecola video shoot (I did a cameo, abangan! :P) 

Notice my new hair color?? :-) Yep! Had it darkened because I got sick of my "blonde/light-colored" hair already! What do you think? Thank you Maldita Studio!

Hahaha lol. This is how I do "test shots" hahaha :P Have a good day everyone!!


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