Wednesday, March 6, 2013 —
A photodiary about how my february ended and how my march started! :-) 

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go!" I brought SO much stuff in Sagada I don't understand why. Haha! This is my february trip with Ana, Pax & Mich. Last January we were in Cebu. Super love my YOLO group (don't judge our barkada name :P). Traveling is one of our shared passions in life :) Look at the beautiful Banaue Rice Terraces & Sagada's Bomod-Ok falls. Both are absolutely breathtaking. Group photo in Echo Valley & say hello to our spelunking outfits... LOL

Outfit photos! :-) What's your favorite?

Went to the Magnum VIP party with my forever date slash cuzzo Trish & Abby. Read about the Magnum event HERE :)

2 days after our Sagada trip, I was reunited with Ana & Pax again. Ana & I attended the Celeteque media lunch in Las Flores with Hannah & Noelle. Several hours after, we found ourselves in the poolside of Intercon hotel for the Flipsters launch I have yet to write about!! :P

My Sagada outfits. Jackets galore!

Meet my kinderbestfriend Jo. She's my newest recruit in Elorde. LOL. Love my new gym buddy. Look at what we eat! Greens and fruits! :-) Mind you, they are delicious!

It was a sweet, sweet Saturday (figuratively & literally!) in Sweet Bella Greenbelt. Got to bond with the Loreal Philippines team over yummy food & tea! ;) I'll be posting about this "beautea" event this week so watch out for it!

Sucks that I'm on a diet so I didn't get to eat everything in that photo. :P It was Allan's birthday dinner in Modern China then afterwards, we went to Skye to have a great time. And we did :) Meet the golfers' girlfriends. Except me. I'm single hahahahaha lol

My 100 peso dress! :-) Gotta love Bangkok!!

Peek-a-boo! Don't you just love dresses with surprises? :P

LADIES, read up. These lines are currently stuck in my head and should probably be in my mind (and heart) forever. 

Beach time with my friends!!! Gotta love Pico De Loro! :-) I wanna go back :(

Stolen photos from my friends' instagram. Sorry for my poses. I'm so weird... geez. :|

THAT'S ALL!!! :-) I'm so talkative hahahaha!


  1. DEAR GIRLS FTW!!!! Our anthem, baybeh! Hehehe! :D I have kwento nanaman, so see you sooon!

  2. Babe! When you went to Sagada, were you able to visit Kalinga? :)


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