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Saturday, March 9, 2013 —
Last Saturday, I attended the LOreal Beauty Brunch in Sweet Bella. And I must say, I felt 100% more girly after! I'm proud to say I'm armed with new beauty knowledge & I can't wait to share them to you guys! :-)

The event was really intimate and interesting. I went there not knowing what we're gonna do. I decided to go because 1) Loreal is one of my favorite beauty brands 2) I love the food in Sweet Bella. Haha! Well, the "BEAUtea" event didn't disappoint! ;)

 When I got there, I was welcomed by the LOreal team: Alvin, Will, Dyan, Arlene & AC.  :-) Everyone was so nice & warm... awww!!

FEAST TIME! Haha! All the attendees bonded over delicious food! Thank you, Sweet Bella Greenbelt 5 for making me fat (kidding!) I mean for the glorious food and the quaint location :D

We had a game. Basically, we were asked to choose among these three: a) into skin care b) makeup c) hair care. I was torn. I can be such a girly girl at times and intensely care about these things. But I ended choosing makeup :P (Even though I don't wear makeup LOL) Just forever fascinated... haha!

Dyan introduced to us the new Lucent Magique Line. It's the 1st Liquid light technology from L’Oreal Paris. You can achieve that lit-from-within modern look with new Lucent Magique. Infuse light into skin with the different Lucent Magique finishes: Instant skin radiance Liquid Foundation, Skin-luminating Two-Way-Cake and the Perfect glow concealer pen.

L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Liquid foundation and Two-Way-Cake is available for PhP 845, while the concealer pen is priced at PhP 545. 

AC talked to us about the all-new Hair Expertise EVER Range, the 100% Sulfate Free Hair Care for colored and over processed hair. Its breakthrough technology responds to the Filipina’s need for a specialized hair care for superior performance. With that said, L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EVER is poised to take the Filipina into a whole new level of hair care.

In the modern day society, women’s hair care routines are becoming more intensive. Women are now more exposed to hair coloring, hair ironing, blow drying and hair styling. And today, there is a clamor for a specialized hair care, which uses natural ingredients to answer some of women’s very delicate hair needs. We are in need of a milder, gentler hair care for their colored, blow-dried, ironed and over-styled/processed hair. The answer is the new LOREAL EVER RANGE line.

SRP for shampoo / conditioner is 449 and 549 for the masque

Arlene shared to us the wonders of the new REVATALIFT LASER X3. 

In 12 weeks, the efficacy of Revitalift Laser X3 on skin quality was tested against 3 laser sessions:
     •  Proven effective on pores & lines
     •  No measurable difference vs. laser treatments
     •  Performs even better than laser on skin smoothness & bounciness

After the quick chats with the LOreal girls, I went around and saw these in the table! I discovered the new generation of nail stickers, with the most qualitative offer ever! I heard that this was inspired by the most luxurious fabrics from Couture houses in Paris. Wow. L’Oreal Paris finally comes up with the newest nail sensation – Color Riche Les Nail Art. 

For the 1st time in 3D, L’Oreal offers a full nail art sticker range for the most avante garde nail look. So quick, so chic. Nail art has never been this easy! 

SRP 395

Can't wait to try LOreal's new products!!! You guys should too! The products seem promising! :) Thank you LOreal team (Alvin, Dyan, AC, Arlene & Will) for the invite :)

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