Wednesday, March 27, 2013 —

I've reviewed countless salons already but I think Maldita Studio is my fave so far. You know the part in Princess Diaries wherein they transformed Anne Hathaway? That's what I felt! Visited the salon feeling so sick and weak (I had fever) but no one (or should I say no virus HEHE) can stop me from re-inventing my look! :P When I entered the salon, I was greeted by the Maldita staff with sweet smiles! Just what I needed! :) It was raining like crazy that day and they sure turned my gloomy day around. 

I was offered food & drinks c/o Mango Tree Bistro (YUM!) then they examined my hair. I showed them the peg that I want and the hairstylist suggested the color which I much appreciated since I'm very indecisive about my hair. I was supposed to get bangs but I chickened out. Perhaps next time. lol! 

Decided to color my hair dark because I'm sick of my then hair color. It looked so dull and ugly already. After having my hair colored, they gave me a hair spa treatment. I needed that hair rejuvenation. Till now my hair feels so soft. Feels so unreal hahaha! 

Also got a mani-pedi (please notice the gold basin! so posh, right??). My technician's hands were so light. Usually whenever I get mani-pedi, the technicians tend to hurt me in a way. But not in Maldita Salon! So 2 thumbs up for that ;)

Oh, can I just say they give the best back massage ever? I actually fell asleep while sitting down haha lol! My friends Jacque and Anagon can attest to that :))

I'm giving Maldita Studio 5 stars for their excellent service! Plus I love how they designed the salon. Minimalism at it's finest. So classy and REALLY clean! :) I think you guys should head on over to the Ground Floor of Rosemont Tower, Panay Avenue, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservation, call 09277366943 and 09228860466. You can check out the price list (see photo above!) but I can assure that you'll really get what you pay for! ;) Happy pampering!! :)

So what do you guys think of my new hair? Yun totoo!! Ako I love it. Haha sobrang vain lang bwahahaha!

See? A super satisfied and a VERY happy customer right here!!! :P Can't wait to go back! I'm planning to perm my hair again. Thoughts please??

Thank you MALDITA STUDIO! I had a wonderful time :)


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