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I'm going to tell you guys straight up that NAMNAM is not your ordinary filipino restaurant. :) First things first, the name of the restaurant is so catchy! Second, the interior is superb. Very homey. Third, it's filipino COMFORT food. I'm sure you're all curious, what's so special about this restaurant? :)

Dinner with my loves Pax, Ana, Ava & Mama Sarah. I was expecting the usual filipino food. But when I checked the menu, two things caught my attention:

The menu is divided into two. The classics and the twists. I guess the classics are for the people who isn't too adventurous when it comes to food. And the twists are for the ones who are game to try something new. 

Another thing is that you have an option to get small (good for 1), medium (good for 3), and large (good for 6). You can control the serving size! Plus, the dishes are affordable. The meals won't be a wallet killer!

Let me review some of the dishes we had!

Sarsi Float

Mango shake

Pancit buko - I'm not a fan of coconut. When they served this, I was too hungry to ask what it is. I ate it right away and hey... I liked it! So imagine my shock when they told me it was pancit buko. Haha! Amazing :)

Caramelized Patis Wings - I never tried patis. I love toyo but I cant stand patis. Same thing happened! I was too hungry, I ate it, then I asked what it is. I thought it was just spicy wings but no! Patis wings pala. I really liked this appetizer. I had 4 ata hahaha!

Ensaladang namnam (Tinapa flakes, mangga't bagoong, pomelo, native tomatoes, and red onions) 

University Fried Rice. It has egg and tapa! How can I say no to this? This was my favorite meal. I'm actually craving for it right now. The rice was sticky and really tasty!!

Sinigang with watermelon and short ribs - Well who doesn't love sinigang?? The twist of this dish is that it has watermelon! Must-try!!!

Overloaded bangus belly - Paired this with my university fried rice! I think it's better with plain rice cos it's really flavorful na :)

Gising gising (Sigarilyas, kangkong, coconut cream, chilies, house-made bagoong sauté ) 

I love leche flan. I know when a leche flan is too sweet or has bad texture. This is probably the best leche flan I've ever tasted! I'm not being OA ah. Super sarap niya. Go try it!

Visit NAMNAM at Greenbelt 2 (below Burger Bar). I suggest you bring your family and friends because I promise you, the food won't disappoint ;)

Thank you Namnam for having us! :-)


  1. I really want to try this restaurant! The interior's really inviting, and the food is mouthwatering!!!

    1. You definitely should!! :) Let me know when you do na!

  2. wow! will surely try this resto next week :)


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