She was a skater girl

Thursday, March 7, 2013 —

Top - Bayo
Skater skirt - Bubbles
Shoes - Schu
Earrings - Forever 21

LOL at my title. Wearing a skater skirt (I think this will be my new obsession) and the first thing that popped into my head was Avril's song "Skater Boy" HAHA. I actually skate (longboard) but I stopped because I became too busy. I wish I can skate soon :( I miss the feeling when you're "dancing" on the board or you do downhill!!!! Skaters will get me. Hehe. A lot of people get surprised when I say that I skate (I'm too girly daw kasi) but trust me, I do a lot of boyish things. Haha. I'm forever one of the boys :P

Visited the Nuffnang office yesterday. They are the lovely people who manages my blog. I got surprised because they have this "Artsy Fartsy Wednesday" thing so they asked me to join na rin since I was there :P Everyone was so competitive ha!!! Hahaha!!

Say hello to our artworks... LOL. Guess who won?????!!!!!!

MEEEE!!! Thanks Abe (the big boss) for making me win. Heehee. Hope it's not a biased decision!! Lol.

Aww cute I get a certificate and prize (candy corner heehee) I seriously love my crazy Nuffnang family!! Haha! Hope everyone had a great wednesday too :D


  1. Ang cute naman nito! :D <3 Artsy Fartsy Wed! :)

    1. sobrang saya!!! nabuhay competitive side ko lol

  2. nice outfit..bagay sau ms tracy!

  3. love the outfit!! para si barbie kasi pink! :)


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