Travel diary: Beach in Cebu

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 —

This is the continuation of the Cebu July/Aug2012 photodiary I posted yesterday. To those who missed it, please see my previous blog post :-) 

I think the best thing I love about Cebu is their accessible beaches; like 30-45 minutes from the city. The nearest beach here in Manila is Subic or Batangas. But it will take you 2 hours max if you're lucky (this means no traffic plus if you're a fast driver). 

Last July, Francis (cebuano friend) had his despedida... in a boat. Yes. Island hopping, swimming in the middle of the sea, eating & drinking till we fall asleep. We had cebu lechon, bottles of beer and vodka, assorted fruits etc to satisfy our tummies. Endless kwentuhan in the boat, jumped in the middle of the sea, swimming while fighting the strong current... Ahhh. My idea of a perfect day.

Just came from Cebu a month ago for Sinulog (yeah, I go every year!) and I miss the city already. Really hoping I can go back (AGAIN) this year around October just to eat and chill with my cebuano friends. HI!! You guys know who you are :)

Last travel diary about Cebu tomorrow. Going to feature one of my favorite restos there! Stay tuned x

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