Thursday, April 11, 2013 —
Yesterday, I went to Lancel to check out their new collection. I'm not a bag person but surprisingly, a lot of bags made my heart melt. Now I'm feeling this intense need to acquire them! :P

My top picks. The designs are impeccable! Really want these!!!!

Classics. Reminds you of the 70's right? Moms will love these!

I'm the kind of person who just throws everything inside her bag. I bring a lot of things so a spacious bag is important.

The bag looks small, right? But when you open it, it has two compartments and pockets on the sides.

For the adventurous and the classy. 

Lancel is known for this style. What's your favorite? I want the white one! It looks so posh!

The bag above is reversible (talk about practicality!) and the bags below are perfect for mothers and daughters who want to be matchy matchy! Haha! Cute diba? Oh the things I imagine... :P

My kind of bag! Not too big but not too small. I like the navy blue one! I'm in love with the intricate design. Really feminine yet in sorta masculine color. 

Thank you Lancel for the invite! Visit their boutique on the 2nd floor of Shangri-La Plaza.


  1. TRACY! I have a Lancel bag! it's so stylish yet efficient! As in tambak lang ako ng tambak. HAHA

    1. Hi Thea! It's so awesome noh?? :) I love their bags talaga!


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