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Saturday, May 18, 2013 —
Noticed that a lot of beauty brands have been sending me stuff so I decided to finally write about them!   Most are new to my ears but there's one brand/product here that I've been using for years already:)

But first and foremost, I want to invite you guys to Marj Sia's make-up workshop happening this May 25. The May 18 class is already full so what are you waiting for?? Enroll na in the May 25 class! I'll be attending this workshop because I seriously need to know more about makeup (I'm sure you guys all know naman I don't put any makeup except blush and powder).

Check out the flyer for the details! You can also visit or check out her facebook page :)

Time to talk about the beauty goodies I got last week!! :)

SPARKLE contact lenses from @shelovesitshop (instagram)

It's going to be my first time to try so medyo natatakot ako but actually, I don't have any reason to be scared because I read a lot of good reviews about SPARKLE contact lens! 

Super gwiyomi doll brown, sweet sweet summer blue, love fairy black & love goddess green! Excited to try them :) Maybe later!! Hehe. Magready na kayo sa selfies ko sa instagram HAHAHA

Eskinol facial wash and cleansers (available in all supermarkets/drugstores nationwide)

I've been using eskinol for years already. I think since highschool ako. Short kwento. May phase ako nun teenager ako (I think buong highschool life ko) na sobrang dami kong pimples! I tried to go to different dermatologists and tried proactiv but none of them worked for me. 

My mom uses eskinol (HI MOM IF YOU'RE READING THIS HEHE) so she encouraged me to try it. I was hesitant at first but I did eventually. Then I saw the changes talaga. My skin cleared up!!!! I'm not kidding you. Maybe hiyang ako but I use this every night :-) A lot of people have been asking me why I have nice skin (NAKS) and I'm finally going to tell you guys what I use.

I use the pimple fighting facial deep cleanser for my face. I have a secret. I actually put clindamycin dalacin (150mg since I rarely get pimples but before I used to put 300mg) --- yes, break the capsule and get the powder thing inside then mix it with the cleanser. I learned that from my (then) dermatologist in Makati Med (I don't go to the derma anymore!). I think I'm not supposed to know it but then I overheard her assistants talking about it so I researched then BAM!!!! I found out a lot of women actually do it! Clindamycin is actually an antibiotic / topical treatment for acne. 

I use whitening facial cleanser for my underarm! I mix it with milcu (?). My mom just taught me this. I actually don't have a scientific explanation for this routine because to be honest, I just do this because my mom said so (and I believe her because she has nice underarms hehehe :P)

THIOCELL by Brady Pharma Inc

I loved this gift. I'm health conscious so I enjoyed the fruits and most especially THE ALMONDS (I'm a nut lover lol)

So what is Thiocell?

It promises to be the most effective in whitening and anti-aging product in the market to-date because of its unique combination of selenium, glutathione and vitamin C. The unique combination replenishes the gluthathione levels in the body and maintains it. Chewable lozenges siya! The glutathione is absorbed through the oral cavity instead of in the stomach thereby ensuring faster and maximum absorption. 

The wonderful thing about this is that Thiocell is also beneficial for diabetic people with fatty liver. Galing noh? So hindi lang talaga siya pang paputi! 

SRP is php2400 :-) 30 chewable tablets per bottle.

AVENE cleanance gel cleanser and K gel (available in Mercury drug)

The gel cleanser is good for acne prone skin. It contains cucurbita pepo (a plant extract) that gives a matte finish looks. This cleanser washes away impurities without drying the skin. The K gel is a spot treatment for acne. It dries out acne fast!

Excited to try this! I get pimples sometimes so I'll definitely use this then I'll let you guys know if effective siya :)

That's all! Thank you brands for sending me these products! :)


  1. Hi. Im using eskinol with dalacin too. mom also introduce this. And i love my face know super effective tlaga.

  2. Do you use it in your underarms too? Is it safe?


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