Dove slumber party

Friday, May 17, 2013 —
Here's the continuation of my Dove sleepover blog post yesterday :-)

After chilling in my room, I took a bath (yay dove products!) and dressed up (yay personalized pajamas!). At around 630pm, I went to the presidential suite for our dinner. So nice to be with my old officemates Belle, Elaine & Gianna!

Gianna (, Elaine (Good Housekeeping), Jo ( and Eunice (Preview magazine)

Summiteers! I think I miss working full-time there :P

Mega publishing girls and the nicest editor-in-chief I know, Nana of Chalk Magazine.

Dinner time! I swear the food in Fairmont Hotel is way beyond amazing! I ate beyond my capacity. Hahaha oink oink!

Blogger loves Vern and Verniece! Aren't they the cutest?? Spot the pink fur boots! ;)

With the pretty and accommodating Martha of Bridges PR! :-)

Finally, the program started! Actually it really isn't a serious program. It's more like a chitchat with the Dove team, discussing about their newest product: DOVE HAIR FALL RESCUE :)

Hair fall is a real concern that every woman faces. How often have you noticed extra hair collecting in your hairbrush or around the shower drain? At first the extra hair fall doesn’t seem to concern you. That is, until parts of your scalp become visible and your ponytail noticeably thinner. Panic stricken, you try every hair fall product available in your local pharmacy or supermarket and find that none of them seem particularly effective. The reason why these products don’t seem to remedy the problem is because they fail to address the root of the problem, pun intended. Dove has discovered that 78% of hair fall happens at the roots.

Here's Dove manager discussing the newest addition to the Dove Hair Fall Rescue range: the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Hair Tonic. Unlike your average hair fall product, this breakthrough treatment promises results. Hair fall at the roots happens when natural enzymes in the body break down follicle glue which binds the hair to the scalp. Most mass-produced hair fall products aim to target hair fall from breakage, which in turn doesn’t address the whole of the problem.

The Dove Hair Fall Rescue is available in a range of products: shampoo, conditioner, daily treatment conditioner, and the latest hair tonic. Finally there is a hair fall product that is designed to get the to root of your hair fall problems.

The product is very easy to use and can be applied in a few simple steps. Towel dry hair after cleansing off Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner. For more intensive conditioning, apply Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner at least once a week. Break off nozzle of a Dove Hair Fall Rescue Tonic. Part hair into sections and evenly apply the product directly into the scalp. Massage the product into scalp after application. No more need to rinse, just style as usual and go about your day.

The key to Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue Hair Tonic’s effectiveness is the scientifically proven and patented ingredient called Trichazole. Trichazole activates stop the breaking down of follicle glue thus locking the hair in place.  In just two weeks, hair fall is reduced as the product nourishes and strengthens the hair at the roots. 

I've been using it for a week already and I noticed that my hair fall has been reduced! If I continue to use this I'm sure my hair will be stronger than ever! Perhaps I'll be saying goodbye to my massive hair fall soon? ;)

After the short program, it's cocktails/bonding time with my fellow Dove girls :) Spot Gianna! Ready na ready sa camera haha!

Hashtag OOTN (Outfit of the night) lol! With my favorite beauty editor Elaine (NOTTTT!) Hahaha!! 

Super aliw kami sa pajamas! Kaya camwhore time ;)

With Gianna this time! Ready to sleep na ba? :)

With my cousin Cheskie who's part of the Uniliver/Dove team! Proud of you cuzzo :)

After stuffing our faces with food and wine, we were ready to go back to our rooms to just chill and relax.

Selfie time in the bathroom =)) I was bored okay :P I was alone in a huge room :( Thank God Vern and Verniece asked me to go to their room so we can talk about our sucky lovelives (HAHAHAHA)

Super loved bonding with them :) We ate our hearts out (thanks to the snacks in our pantry!) until we finally decided to call it a night.

Woke up at 8am to have breakfast with Elaine!

I just LOOOOOOOVE breakfast buffets. After 3 rounds, I was good :-) Like I felt I can last the whole day without eating. Haha!! Yup, told you the food in Fairmont Hotel was divine :)

We didn't plan this! Wearing DOVE colors :)

After breakfast, we headed back to our rooms to pack. I didn't want to leave :( Crossing my fingers there will be another sleepover like this :D

Thank you so much DOVE Philippines, Bridges PR, and Fairmont Hotel Makati for having me :) This is seriously one of the best events I've ever attended!

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