Ice queen

Monday, May 27, 2013 —

Top - Sabrina
Cape - The Ramp
Pants and heels - Suiteblanco
Bag - Gold Dot

I think this is my best (haha FEELING pagbigyan please!!! LOL) minimalist outfit up to date! I like it cos it's simple yet posh (hahaha sobrang assuming ko lang?? hehe) Accck! My love for anything white is so intense now it's crazy !!! Like I want to trade all my colorful clothes for neutrals (beige and white). Btw, I just want to introduce to you guys my new fave heels from Suiteblanco. I was extremely excited to get it to the point I settled for size 7 (I'm size 6) because they didn't have my size and I'm too anxious to wait for new stock. They are so comfy!! Thanks to the gorgeous gold wedge heels! There's also a black version and I'm itching to get it, too. Can't wait to go back and shop at Suiteblanco. It's the newest fashion destination for European fast fashion. Head on over to their flagship store located in SM Aura :) 

I'm grateful and glad to announce that I'm one of their official blogger partners! Thank you God for this :") So expect A LOT of Suiteblanco outfits from me, guys!! x

Have a blessed week ahead!

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