Sunday, May 19, 2013 —

Shorts - Wardrobe Check
Shoes - Zara

Posted a selfie wearing this the other day in my instagram and my friend Nobs pointed out that my Bart Simpson shirt is "illuminati." Haha! I actually don't believe in that, I just love The Simpsons so I'm wearing this. Lol. What a disclaimer :P It's actually a loose shirt but I decided to cut the sleeves to make it a muscle tee! :) Can't wait to turn this into a cropped top. Oh I just love DIYs!

Paired it with Wardrobe Check's fierce animal print leather shorts. I rarely wear grunge outfits so this ensemble is really one for the books. I don't know why I suddenly became edgy... PAGBIGYAN! =))

I think nasobrahan ata ako sa concerts this week! Went to three :D Jason Mraz (Thanks to my bestfriend Jazzy! Love you!), Avicii (Not a fan of EDM but I surprisingly enjoyed it. Hehe thanks to Abra for my VIP pass!) and Wanderland (almost didn't go to this one but thank you Caitlin Recana and of course Jeric Fortuna for the ticket). 

More more kwento about these concerts tom! Promise to blog about them. Happy sunday everyone!!! x


  1. Yes, I'm afraid it's Illuminati. The inverted cross and the stars on bart's eyes ;) but your outfit is cute :))

    Miss Cielo

    1. Haha! Oh no :p I don't believe in it anyway. Hehe thank youuu:)


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