Not your ordinary day

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 —
It was just a normal thursday with my blog friends. The original plan was to attend a store opening... that's all. But who are we to reject invites to food-related events?? Also, how can we resist not dropping by this awesome new store to check out clothes? We let our foodie (not fattie hihi) and shopaholic selves hop from one place to another. Not a second wasted! We felt like Amazing Race contestants that day! Haha.

Me and Ana with the beautiful couple Jacob and Raiza :)

Attended the store launch of Stefanel in SM Aura. Overwhelmed by the powerful people who graced the event; Cheche Lazaro (I look up to her journalistic prowess), Vicky Belo, Tessa Prieto Valdes (host of the event). 

My top 3 outfits! Can't say no to anything pink :P

Visit their first store in SM Aura

(photo from Raiza Poquiz)

Dropped by Suiteblanco (also in SM Aura) after to check out the store! Loved all the clothes, shoes, accessories I saw!!!! Blessed that I'm one of their blogger partners! :-)

Got the nude with gold wedge heels! :) Check out my outfit post wearing Suiteblanco pants and heels HERE

Time to stock up on blazers/jackets! The rainy season is here! :) 

Bags galore. Whats your fave? :)

After the thingamajigs in SM Aura, Paul, Ana and I walked to Serendra to attend the Cold Stone creamery media launch. Yes guys, it's finally here!!!! I think it's safe to say they have the best ice cream in town :-) Plus we met the owner!! HI SIR! Thank you for personally handing me my ice cream!!!!

Wanted to try all their signature creations 8-) But I can't be too greedy so we just got three! :P The cookie dough something, mint chocolate chip and another one I couldn't remember. All I know is that they were all yummy! 

Next and final stop for the night... Village Tavern Bonifacio Highstreet for their first anniversary!!! Dinner with these lovely people: David, Ana, Paul, Seph, Trice, Ley & Cindy (thanks Perkcomm girls!)

Heavenly Tomahawk!!! Photo from David Guison.

All the dishes we tried were divine! Personal favorites: carbonara and fish fillet (the sauce was remarkable) Thank you Bistro group for the exceptional food! :-) Can't wait to go back!

Loved this eventful day. Looking forward to more epic days like this one ;)

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