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Saturday, May 11, 2013 —
Last wednesday, Ana and I went to Bizu Greenbelt to attend the media launch of PURE N FRESH. I wasn't really expecting anything. But the event really surprised me!

First stop, guess the scent game! I love games so this one really entertained me. Plus I got to smell the new scents of Pure N Fresh: Blush Berry, Tangerine Delight and Tropical Splash.

We were served yummy food/desserts! Thank you Bizu :)

My favorite part? Decorate your cake contest!! I'm a frustrated chef/baker so this activity really made me happy. Haha! My competitive side was rejoicing like crazy!

My uber girly cake! I know it's messy but... hey! It was my first time to do something like this. Pagbigyan!! If I gave you this cake, will you eat it?? Haha

The new endorser of Pure N Fresh is JULIA BARRETTO. Dani, her older sister, is one of my good friends so she's not a stranger to me (and I'm sure to everyone also!). Julia even approached us and asked "Diba kayo yun friends ni Ate?" Haha so cute!!! This girl will really go places. Such a beautiful girl inside and out! 

I love all the scents especially tangerine delight. It doesn't have the annoyingly strong fruity scent. For me, it's just right! I'm a fan of colognes because sometimes perfumes can be too strong (and sayang pag sobrang gamitin). Lakas maka bagets pag cologne! I'm glad I found new scents that I can use anytime and anywhere!

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