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Friday, May 24, 2013 —
If you're following me on twitter, I'm sure you've seen my "wanderland" tweets. I didn't get a ticket because I thought I was going to be in Boracay that weekend. But sadly, my trip got cancelled.

The day of the concert came and I already lost hope. I was thankful for my friends who tried to look for tickets(awww). I even told Ana it's fine that I'm not going because my friends' efforts and love for me made up for it. ;) 

I slept early so I won't think about it anymore but at around 8pm, someone (thank you Caitlin Recana) called me and said "you have a ticket na! come here na sa circuit!" In my head I was like... OH MY GOODNESS! God, you are amazing! 

Who would've thought I'd get a last minute ticket to this amazing music festival? VIP pa! This was my third concert last week. I went to Jason Mraz last Tuesday (thanks Jas for the ticket!), Avicii last Wednesday (thank you Abra for the vip pass) and I SERIOUSLY COULDN'T BELIEVE that I was able to go to Wanderland!

Thank you Jeric Fortuna! He didn't go so I got his ticket. :))

I got there around 9pm and Nada Surf was already playing. I missed most of the bands (like my all time fave Up Dharma Down, Yolanda Moon, Tully on tully etc) but I'm glad I was able to catch the 3 major bands! :-)

HURRAH!!! Wanderland 2013 :D

Blogger loves Ana, Pax and Paul! They were drunk :( Nyahahaha!!
Love, love, love Roxy Philippines' couch! Thank you for letting us stay here :)

Niche, Sib and friend! // With Caitlin, thanks girl I owe you :*

Jo jo jo who was so so so... 8-) // Reunited with Xiomai!!!!!!!! :-)

Quick story: I met Mara in Malasimbo 2012 (a music festival). It was just a super random encounter but I believe that everything happens for a reason: we became good friends and she became one of my sisters in Christ. We rarely see each other so we found it funny when we bumped into each other here... another music festival! ;)

NEON TREES!!!!! One of my fave bands :)) I was screaming like a dying fangirl. Hahaha!!

Here we go again, I kinda want to be more than friends
So take it easy on me, I'm afraid you're never satisfied
Here we go again, we're sick like animals, we play pretend
You're just a cannibal and I'm afraid I won't get out alive
Oh, oh, I want some more
Oh, oh, what are you waiting for?
Take a bite of my heart tonight

(Animal - Neon Trees)

Going crazy with Ana and Pax!!!

Look at the crowd! HEY HIPSTERS! Hehe joke lang :)

Saw Ging and Josine! :) Hi lovers Josine and Gels!

With Chek, RG and Allan!:)

Dropped by the Rayban booth :-) Don't be too quick to judge. Wearing shades for picture purposes only. Hindi na parang nun Avicii na suot ko buong gabi hehe

Parokya ni Edgar's BUWI MENESES!!!! Isa lang nasabi ko when I met him: Sir, I love Parokya ni Edgar! Sabi nya: I love Temper Trap! HAHAHA :)) Labo langgg :p

Last band... THE TEMPER TRAP!

Your walls are up
Too cold to touch it
Your walls are up
Too high to climb

I know it's hard 
But I can still hear it beating
So if you flash your heart
I won't mistreat it
I promise.


The first song they played was LOVE LOST and SWEET DISPOSITION for their last. Almost cried. I love them too much (ang OA but totoo!) and the moment felt surreal. Parang dream! I was too happy. Singing along with them = BEST FEELING NG ISANG FANGIRL! Dougy's voice was eargasmic. Ahhhh!!!! Hangover grabe :))

Songs of desperation
I played them for you

A moment of love
A dream
A laugh
A kiss
A cry
Our rights
Our wrongs

Stay there
'Cause I'll be coming over


While they were playing SWEET DISPOSITION, biglang nag confetti blast. PERFECT MOMENT!!! I was with my close friends pa Ana and Pax. A tear fell talaga! 

I still have a "Wanderland" hangover! I can't wait for Wanderland 2014. Actually, nainspire ako mag Coachella next year. Mom, if you're reading this... will you allow me? :-) Hehe!

Last week was my ULTIMATE CONCERT WEEK! Thank you again Jazzy, Abra, Jeric & Caitlin for giving me tickets and to those who I spent time with in those concerts... ang saya lang natin!! :) Thank you Lord for that beautiful week. 

SPREAD THE GOODVIBES!! x Happy weekend!


  1. Ang saya saya talaga! :D Love you baby gurl! :)

  2. I really wish I went to Wanderland :( Aw there's next year pa naman. haha!
    You're so blessed to have such good friends :)

  3. hey! where's the outfit photo i took? :(


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