Sunday, May 12, 2013 —

Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - VNC
Shades - FLY shades

Uninspired is one of the most depressing words in the dictionary. It is one of my most abhorred terms; my constant enemy in the world of words. I don't know why I've been feeling this way but it has been weeks since I created a decent blog post. I've also been SUPER lazy to dress up. I blame the heat for this lethargy. Perhaps it's sloth or mere dryness of thoughts but it's alarming for me. I need drive, I need to persevere, I need to push myself to the limit.

Still on the process of finding inspiration so please bear with me. I assure you that I'm trying my best but time constraint is also a big hindrance to my blogging! I will find a way to fix that. I hope you don't lose interest in me or my blog! I swear (I'm serious this time) that I will blog regularly and diligently! :-)

I mixed three prints (4 including the egyptian ring!) in this outfit. Did it work? I'd like to think they look coordinated. All items have subtle prints so mixing them won't look like an absurd ensemble. What do you think?


  1. Wow for lethargy. Hahaha. It's okay, you're outfit is still cute, though :))

    The Girl Behind The Pen

  2. very classy\



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