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Friday, June 14, 2013 —
 Yesterday, I attended the Close-up "White Now Why Later" event in Manila Peninsula. Fell in love with the theme: blue and white. The set-up was impeccable. 

(photo from Cheskie Ayson. Good job cuz!)

Before the program started, we had buffet lunch. Look at all my plates!!! NO JUDGING :P

Oink oink. No regrets. The food? DIVINE.

Sam Oh hosted this lovely launch. Nice all white outfit! So dainty :)

(wearing a Boom Sason cropped top. I covet! Totally digging this look!)

Finally, the new face of CLOSE-UP WHITE NOW! Hello Bianca :-) She totally deserves this. Look at that pretty pearl white smile :D Bianca’s beauty philosophy? Beauty Can’t Wait – why settle for less when you can have an instantly beautiful look complimented with a glimmering white smile? This is why Close-Up White Now is an essential part of Bianca’s kikay kit, it is her classic fix for looking her best, achieved in just one brush.

Sharing her quick beauty fixes on-the-go Bianca says, “I really love lip liner for long lasting vibrant, red lips. For me it works a lot better than lipstick,” she says. Red lips are a favorite when it comes to instantly changing one’s look. Bianca also notes that a constant in her quick fix kit is green concealer. “Green concealer is important to have, because it is perhaps the best thing to use when trying to cover up those difficult red blemishes.

When it comes to fashion, Bianca likes to stick to basics. “I’m such a jeans and t-shirt type of girl,” she says. A nice sharp blazer and heels can really do wonders when switching from a day in the office look, to a post evening meeting at a fancy restaurant.

Bianca believes, however, that essential in completing any look is a killer smile. “It’s always important to wear a smile in whatever outfit you decide. Because it just shows how confident you are with yourself, and for me confidence is very important.” This instant beauty tip, Bianca says can be achieved with tube of Close Up White Now; “I think that it is something that women should always bring around"

We were given Bianca's quick fixes: Essenses make-up bag, Burt's Bees Lip balm, MAC lip liner, Bloom concealer and of course, Close-Up White Now. Bianca also mentioned that she loves wearing shades whenever she's lazy to do her make-up (I can totally relate!) plus how heels and blazer can totally change/upgrade one's look. So they raffled off Bianca's instant fashion fixes: Rayban aviators, Zara blazer, and Schutz heels. Guess who got the Zara blazer??

ME!!! Been eyeing this blazer for months already :O Thankful that I finally have one. Yay!

Here's the blue foam technology demo they did. We were all so amazed! Close Up White Now's blue foam technology acts like an instant concealer for your teeth and promises noticeably whiter teeth after just one brush. I'm sure you're all like "yeah right whatever that's not possible!" In the same way a concealer hides blemishes, the Blue Foam Technology covers the yellowish stains on teeth. This is for an instant fix. One question was raised: "how long will it last?" If you drink a lot of water, it will wear off easily. Don't worry! It is definitely safe.

Just stalking Bianca. Hahaha!! We all want whiter teeth but for people (like me) who are not ready to spend thousands on laser teeth whitening/all those ridiculously pricey whitening procedures, CLOSE-UP WHITE NOW is the answer to your problem :D
Congrats again Bianca for being the new endorser of CLOSE-UP! :) Thank you Unilever, Apples Aberin, and Bridges PR for having me. Lovely launch!

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