Bloggers United 5

Monday, June 10, 2013 —
Thanks to those who bought stuff and dropped by my booth last June 1 in Bloggers United 5! Check out my photodiary :)

Blogger loves Tin, Mama Sarah, Alyssa, Danika and Pax! :)

Kookie my idol and Bjorn (let's shoot soon!!)

Matching outfits with Dani! Great minds think alike, eh? Love you babygirl!

My favorites Cheys and Lissa:)

Ana and Dave my lovessss!!! :)

Twinsies Vern and Verniece:)

Kyle my cuz HAHAHA and Seph (thanks for giving us food!

And as promised, here are all the photos you guys sent me!!!!!! If I didn't include our photo please email me at


Sobrang thank you guys for making me feel loved and appreciated!! Kulang ata ang thank you because hindi niyo alam how much you guys made me happy that day! :) Mga simpleng chikahan, gifts, hugs... Hay :) Kapag naiisip ko, sobrang nasa cloud 9 parin ako! Nakakatouch. I super value everyone and sorry if hindi ako madalas mareply sa twitter but I assure you I read all your messages to me! I love you my dear readers :) :) :) Kiss for everyone!! x

Kayo ang inspiration ko! God bless :)


  1. Love you and congrats to us! :) <3 Ganda mo nun, kainspire yung suot mo :) Inspire! Hahahaha! ;)

  2. Yay I see me! Thank you for being an inspiration too! :>

  3. I also have a picture with you <3 I want your skirts so much!! You are so sexy!! <3 <3

  4. We love you too <3 <3 <3 You're super nice.


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