Bonding over blowouts

Saturday, June 8, 2013 —

Last Wednesday, treated us bloggers to a Blowout party in Blo Bar Serendra! I love events like this because we get to bond over kikay stuff :P

The beautiful (NAKS!!!) Sandra Pineda of showing me the new look of their website! Super cool because level up talaga! :) There are more reinvigorated sections, more daily reads, and fun touch points that will allow us readers to vote on featured celebrity subjects.

I personally like the new sections "Hunk of the Day" hahaha because you can "Do," "Dump," or "Marry" the eye candy of the day!! Amusing siya for me :)) And also "Love it or leave it" wherein they post a photo of a celebrity and you get to vote if you like it or not.

Don't forget to make a daily habit! :)

Blo Bar Serendra gave us temporary new hairstyles that day! I was amazed because it's the first blo bar here in the Philippines. Basically, they style your hair so it's just a temporary thing. It's perfect for events and people who just want to get pampered ;) You can choose any hairstyle you want (from their hair menu or you can bring a peg so they can copy it for you). They also have hair treatments available :) I'm always too busy to fix my hair so I found a place wherein I can just sit and relax while they beautify my crowning glory! :-) I was actually in a hurry that day and had only 30 minutes but they managed to style my hair in that short amount of time!

Check out my mermaid hair!! This is called "pillowtalk" :-)

Thank you Blo Bar Serendra! Can't wait to go back :)

Ooooh flowers! Thank you girls :)

Check out's revamped website, Cosmo chicks! x

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