Bye long hair

Sunday, June 16, 2013 —

Top - The Ramp
Shorts - WAGW
Earrings - Arm Party Manila
Flats - Free Fish

Saw this awesome graffiti wall in Fort and I can't help but to take my photos there! Nothing special about this outfit (except I bought the top and shorts from Kookie last BU5! Hello idol :p). Wore this to a meeting in Jamba Juice (it was in informal thing so this is appropriate). After taking these look shots, I realized my hair was already too long so I dragged my friend (Hi Ikay!) to the salon and bam! 

6 inches shorter! Plus it's straight now. Still trying to adjust (I miss my mermaid hair!!!) but my it grows fast anyway. Thinking of changing my hair color. Perhaps lighter this time? Back to my "almost-blonde" days?

I don't know. Haha I can be so random so let's see! OH!!! I want to get my hair permed (again)! Birthday gift, anyone? LOL

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