Everything has changed

Sunday, June 9, 2013 —

Top - Forever 21
Wide legged pants - random store in Rockwell (I forgot huhu)
Earrings - Ever New

Yes... everything has changed!! I'm taller now!! Lol kidding. Everything has changed is the title of the new Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran song. My current LSS. :) It's a beautiful song :") And watch the music video. It's so cute. Ahhhh... young love.

Anyway, wore this to Bloggers United 5! My last minute outfit. Bought the top the night before and I had the bottom for 2 years already. Gotta love classic pieces :)

Everyone (seriously!) got shocked when they saw me. "You're so tall!!!" Hahaha thanks to my 6 inch heels :) Or 7? I really don't know. Thank you heels for giving me confidence and temporary height happiness/contentment. LOL

Happy sunday everyone! Posting about Bloggers United 5 tomorrow. So to everyone who dropped by my booth, please email (tracyayson@gmail.com) me our photos. Thanks xx


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