Green with envy

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 —

Dress - Celine
Shoes - I'm selling this for 1k (used it only twice!) email me at if you're interested
Bag - Fab Avenue (my new fave bag!!!! so classy!)

Don't laugh at my title! That idiom just popped into my head because my dress is green :P I'm not consumed by jealousy or anything, don't worry :) Haha. I guess Victoria Grayson (character from Revenge) is really one of my style icons! I know I'm still young (naks feeling) and I should be experimenting on clothes but my taste in dresses/actually anything is already changing. Feeling mature eh... Lol. So yes, I'm channeling Victoria here :))

I already have short(er) hair now (6 inches shorter to be exact). But before I cut it, I went to Blo Bar to have it styled like this. Wavy effect! Thanks Blo Bar!

Have a great day everyone!! x


  1. I like your dress! So classy!

  2. lovelY!!! :))

  3. Just yesterday I wore a dress and a belt very similar to yours! Love the entire look plus the hair!

  4. Victoria grayson! Would love to look like her when im older! On another note, your bag is divine.


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