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Saturday, June 1, 2013 —
May photodiary!

I MET ZEDD!!! Yup. Highlight of my Boracay trip :)

With Kryz, Laureen, Josine, Ikay, Lyns, Lex and Heds! 

Gotta love HAPPY HOUR in Sur/White House!

Barkada love :)

Discovery was divine! :)

Look at this. o_O Can't wait to go back to this paradise! Woot woot! See ya in 2 weeks, Boracay! 

Afternoon bonding with Den! Love this girl :)

Thank you Una Rosa, Viva La Manika and Bags and Beyond :)

Candy Style Awards! Look at our experiment for the jar decorations :p

Outfit photos

Crocs event with David and Lissa! Loved the view. :)

My first cover styling for Good Housekeeping Philippines!! Still kilig over this :") Please grab a copy of the June issue with Cheska and Doug Kramer on the cover.

Thank you Les Moda and Crave More for these summer shades!

Julia and Julia :P With the gorgeous Julia Barretto at the Pure N Fresh event. :) and Julia Montes during the Freshlook launch.

Thank you Wardrobe Check, Heur Sheen and Basic House!! New clothes hihi

Throwback thursday photo! New York with mi madre :)

Love my friends :) :) Haha cheesy!!!

Thank you Crocs and Havaianas!!! :)

FRIENDLY KISS! Hahahaha with David :)

Wanderland music festival outfit. So not appropriate :)) Thanks RG for the photo!

I obviously love black and minimalist shoes! Zara, stop tempting meeee!

My happiness: Macarons and a good book :-) 

Bumped into my fellow blogger/schoolmate, Jason Cruz!

Penshoppe show! :) With blog friends and my super cute blog reader :) Plus my outfit for that day!

Grab a copy of the June issue of Candy Magazine! I styled the beauty editorial :)

WORKOUT!!! Hahahahah lol. Gotta love Muay Thai and TRX! Will try Barre 3 next next week :)

Oh oh tee dees. HAHAHA :P OOTD... ya get it? labo:))

Flower power! My coachella sunnies! Perhaps I can use this next year??? :) Hmmm wink wink ;)

HI. Hihihihi :) Princess for a day!

Fell in love with Pancake House's cookie butter pancakes. AHHHH!!!

Classy, edgy and patweetums. HAHA. My style is so versatile in short... I'm so moody when it comes to dressing up hahaha

Last night's craziness during setup for Bloggers United 5! See you later at SMX, 10am-9pm. :)

May was amazing, hope my birthday month (June) will be way more awesome! Hihi :)

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