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Thursday, June 6, 2013 —
Last Sunday, Cheyser and I went to Trinoma to spot some mall-goers and style them using COLLEZIONE C2 clothes! :-) Here's what happened!

Our task was pretty simple: spot 10 people who we can style using COLLEZIONE C2 clothes, bring them to the Collezione C2 pop-up booth, take their photos, then give them 500 gcs. I underestimated the task! It was challenging to approach random people and explain :P Good thing our feet led us to nice mall goers who were game to do this! ;) 

Cute couple Ross and KD! Cheys and I were hesitant to approach them cos they were obviously on a date, but we wanted to style a couple so we took a risk! Glad we did :) Ross is wearing my favorite polo from the COLLEZIONE C2 summer collection. And KD is wearing a purple polo plus blue tribal skirt from Sabrina. Amazing how KD's outfit looked so hip! Color blocking love :-)

One of the most fashionable guys we saw in the mall! Thanks for being super game, Clark! I love how he looks so classy in this tricolor polo from COLLEZIONE C2. Pair it up with khaki pants and you're good to go!

My favorites Aria and Aubrey Soto!! When we asked these girls, they didn't even hesitate to say yes. They were even on a rush but they were still very accommodating with our request. Much love girls! Who says you can't be experimental with your classic polos? :) Spice them up with statement pieces like a floral bodycon skirt + denim shorts! So fashionable :D

The first girl we approached, Sheena! This girl is model thin so we made her wear super short shorts (from Cheyser) and a striped polo from COLLEZIONE C2. Even with the super short shorts, she still looked conservative and presentable because of the top! :D Balanced outfit. Haha!

We easily spotted this guy because of his hair! Meet Miguel. We made him wear a mint green/yellow with black stripes polo because I wanted the top to be the "main attraction" of his outfit. The whole look actually became subtle print-on-print because of his checkered shorts. Lol! Even though his outfit was very dark and sort-of grunge, the polo made the ensemble summery! 

Who says guys can't do color-blocking?? :) JC looked stylish wearing this navy blue with white and yellow stripes polo plus his orange jeans! Perfect ensemble! Some boys are afraid to experiment on their outfits, but this is a perfect example on how to do color-blocking without overdoing it! Mix dark hues and you're all set :-)

Our last "get spotted by Tracy and Cheys" victims! LOL! Another cute couple Aurry and EJ. They actually joked us and said they're siblings! Pwede actually :P But you know what they say, if the partners look alike, they're meant to be/soulmates!! HAHA NAKS! 

I was shocked to see this dress in the rack! Didn't know COLLEZIONE C2 carries dresses already! :) Look how trendy and versatile it is! Wear it with flats for casual days and classic white pumps for formal wear. For EJ, we loved his mustard pants so we did another color-blocking outfit. We just paired it up with a simple navy polo. Perfect pang date yun mga outfits nila!

With the couples Ross & KD and Aurry & EJ! :-)

Thank you COLLEZIONE C2 for a fun afternoon! Cheys and I definitely had a blast :-)

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