Blanca De China

Friday, July 5, 2013 —

My new favorite chill place: Blanca De China. A Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired spa! :)

You can say that I'm obsessed with spas. I think I've already tried countless spas here in Manila. Even when I go to other countries, I make sure to visit at least one. You may call me a spa critic actually. I only trust a few here in Manila. And when I say trust, it means I love everything; from the massage, the location, the interior of the place, the service (even the massage oil they use haha lol) etc. I'm glad to say this new lifestyle spa in San Juan called Blanca De China made it to my favorite spa list!

Look what greeted me! A Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired interior. And I'm pretty sure you all know how much I love Breakfast at Tiffany's!!! 

All-white. I'm a sucker for minimalist anything so plus points for Blanca de China! :p

Oh and there are quotes on the walls! Very inspirational:)

Also, they're the only spa here in Manila that uses "The Star" heat sterilizer! It's the best. Talk about prioritizing cleanliness and the health of their customers!

You can buy a piece of Blanca de China for only P150! Thinking of getting that mirror when I go back! :) Plus they also sell personalized grooming kits for all the OC people out there :)

If I get my own house this will probably be my peg! So cozy and dainty! :)

I think what I liked most about this spa is that the nail/spa technicians have their own place! See the door on the right side? That leads to their rooms. Yes! The owners decided to give these women a place to stay. Yup they live in this amazing spa! So nice noh?? God bless the owners' kind hearts!

They have 4 massage/treatment rooms on the second floor. One is for the couples and the other 3 rooms are based on your skin color!! Basta super well-thought out yun concept of the place. I love it!

If ever you get hungry, they also sell ice cream! Nice noh? I think spas lack food nga. Spas should have food because place of relaxation nga so dapat may mga comfort food :P Blanca de China serves free cookies and tea. No photo cos I wasn't able to avail it since I was rushing that time. :P 

I got an eyelash extension and 1hour full body massage. Believe me when I say the prices of their services are incredibly low! The 1hr massage was only P250! :O Their manipedi combo is for P300 lang. Was really surprised because I expected high prices since maganda talaga yun place but I was wrong :D Really affordable siya!

Beauty need not be costly! Here's the service/price list. Ang dami noh? My goal is to try everything hahaha!!! :)

Can't wait to go back!

Visit Blanca de China at 259A Ibuna cor P. Guevarra street San Juan.

Thank you Joanne Magboo and Emma Carranza! :)


  1. Love this ang ganda ng place claz! :)

  2. It seems too good to be true! The interiors look expensive and yet the services are so affordable. Too bad it's too far from my place. I live in the South, huhu :(

    :) Erika


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