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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 —

This is me (annoyingly) trying to show you guys I'm wearing a cropped top. SMH. Hahaha.

Top and skirt - Topshop
Sandals - Janilyn
Earrings - Arm Party Manila

Hello!!! Naks. 2 straight days na ako may OOTD post. Told you guys I have stock photos na :p Haha!! I'm sure you're all wondering why my title is like that. Eh my skirt looks like flames. Diba? Or ako lang yun nagiisip non? Haha! Anyway, wore this to the Greenwich Pizza thins event. I'm going to blog about that tomorrow. Can't forget that day because nameet ko si John Lloyd!! Such a gentleman. Sobrang dream boy ko na siya. Hehe.

Buti nalang hindi ako nag heels that day because after the event, paglabas namin ng venue, bumabaha!! So lumusong ako sa baha. Seryoso. What a night. Experience yun eh!! Favorite sandals ko pa naman to :\ Dapat ata may dalang boots forever. Rawr bipolar weather!

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  1. love your outfit :'> Your my new inspiration in fashion next to laureen uy <3

    yiee! keep it up ate tracy :)
    Hope you can visit my blog :)


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