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Monday, July 29, 2013 —



Thanks to everyone who joined. I read all your entries. Sobrang creative and na-amaze ako sa posts niyo. Thank you for sharing your adventures with me. Kung pwede ko kayo palanunin lahat, gagawin ko!! Appreciate it talaga :) Sa uulitin. More more giveaways soon! x

The Galaxy Mega is the new mobile device from Samsung that you can carry like a phone and use like a tablet. Because it has the power and ultimate viewing experience of a tablet with the power and function of a high end smartphone, it is just the right gadget to take with you to all your everyday adventures.

Do you like to take photos and share them on instagram? The Galaxy Mega's 8MP camera and smart settings give you full creativity to make that winning shot.

Do you love watching movies but find it a pain to watch on your small smartphone screen? The Galaxy Mega's 5.8" and 6.3" screens let you be a part of that movie moment whenever and wherever you are.

Take the Galaxy Mega 7 day challenge and get the chance to make this Galaxy Mega yours! Share with me your everyday adventures by posting on your social networking sites (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

All posts must have the hashtag #GalaxyMega and tag @samsungph & @tracyayson


1. Follow @samsungph on twitter

2. Follow me @tracyayson on twitter and instagram

3. Starting today till August 8, post a photo of your "adventure" of the day (meaning it should be a current photo! :p) in instagram and/or twitter. Just make sure to post at least 3 entries to be considered. More entries, more chances of winning! (it's actually best to post everyday till August 8). Please make sure your accounts aren't locked so I can see your posts!

Posts may be your outfit of the day, restaurants or food you've never eaten at or never eaten before, sports or workout exercise you're trying to do... Up to you! Be creative :D As long as you tag me (@tracyayson), Samsung (@samsungph) and include the hashtag #GalaxyMega


a) Trying out this new japanese restaurant! Their sashimi is to die for! :) *insert a photo of you with your food or a picture of you in the resto* #GalaxyMega @samsungph @tracyayson

b) Working out like crazy! No pain no gain! *insert a photo of you working out* #GalaxyMega @samsungph @tracyayson

c) Sweater weather! Here's my OOTD :) *insert your outfit photo* #GalaxyMega @samsungph @tracyayson

Easy, right?? :)

Contest ends on August 8. The person with the most creative entries will take home the Samsung Galaxy Mega!



  1. Yay!gonna go out and take pics,parang blogger lang ang peg ko nito.

  2. yay!it awesome and will flood your page.eheheh

  3. Samsung Galaxy Mega! Love it! Count me in :)

  4. Joined :) Yay! Sooo excited.

  5. Sent in my entry via Instagram, thanks again!

  6. joined . gonna send a lot of entries :D

  7. How would you pick up the winner? Random or judging?

  8. I just posted my first photo entry few minutes ago. I'm hoping, wishing and praying that I get to win this! If ever I win, It will be my first ever Samsung Smartphone coz I really cannot afford to buy such.

    Good luck to me! Good luck to everyone!

    God bless you Ms. Tracy! I'm such a big fan of yours! Thanks! :>

  9. Will surely loved this ever! So excited ! I love samsung!

  10. Joined :)
    IG account: @snowrose027
    Love to Capture:
    Adventure to Eat:
    Enjoying Leisure time:
    Road Trip adventure:

  11. joined

    Day 1: American Cuisine

    Day 2: Chinese Cuisine

    Day 3: Japanese Cuisine

    Day 4: Thai Cuisine

    Day 5: Italian Cuisine

    Day 6: Filipino Cuisine

    Day 7: Korean Cuisine

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  13. Joined your awesome giveaway! Hope to win this thing ;)


  14. Day1 -
    Day2 -
    Day3 -
    Day4 -
    Day5 -
    Day6 -
    Day7 -

    Thanks, Tracy :)

  15. Here's mine :) Thank you so much for the chance. :D :D

    "Labyrinth To Happiness"

    Name: Rizza Joanna Salas
    Twitter: @crazzycreppz

    DAY 1:
    #Food For moons I haven't cooked breakfast for me and my sisters. Haha I love it when I'm at home <3
    DAY 2:
    #Family #OOTD Lunch date with my family. The taste of New Orleans at Gumbo! I love our headdresses. ;)
    DAY 3:
    #Friend Havin a brunch with my so-called sister. And with our favorite milkshake! :3
    DAY 4:
    #Workout With my sister every morning. After all the calories, why worry? Jump rope, treadmill, and biking to balance everything.
    DAY 5:
    #Stories Happiness / laughter and stories to tell over a coffee. My sib's treat ;)

    Hope you love them. Thank you so much once again! <3 xo

  16. Hi. Ms. Tracy Ayson. Here's my entry for your Galaxy Mega Giveaway.

    Photo 1:
    "Dining in a Seafood Restaurant with high school best friends, so happy to be with them especially when having a get together"

    Photo 2:
    "An adventure with college buddies, we're giving away roses for some random alone ladies at mall, in exchange of their sweet smile. We're re nervous doing this but it was fun!"

    Photo 3:
    "My Outfit of the day! I love wearing a semi-casual with semi-formal get up. In this outfit I'm wearing a Uniqlo Slim Fit Jeans and a Uniqlo Gray Chambray. I'm always hooked at Uniqlo's clothing line. Haha. "

  17. Hope a three days worth of post and well-thought captions be able to qualify for this. I'm really hoping I could be able to bring home the Galaxy Mega! :)

    Entry 1:
    Entry 2:
    Entry 3:

    IG: @superaena

  18. Name: Mirzi Sarte
    Twitter: @mizichic
    Instagram: @mizichic
    Email: mirzisarte(at)yahoo9dot)com

    Day 1: Tastebud goes Wild!

    Day 2: Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

    Day 3: Trying out this new whisky chocolate!

    1. Please disregard: mirzisarte(at)yahoo9dot)com

      Here it is: modish_chic08(at)yahoo(dot)com

  19. Here's my entry Ms. Tracy. :) I compiled them all in an FB note for you to read all the stories behind each picture. I hope you'll be able to view and read them soon. Thank you and More power! :)

    FB Note Link:

    Photo 1:
    Photo 2:
    Photo 3:
    Photo 4:
    Photo 5:
    Photo 6:

    Thanks! :)

  20. Rica Sicad
    twitter: @rsicad
    ig: exiewav
    Entry 1
    batman leggings from romwe / ponytail
    Entry 2
    dress from van Vogue manila / wavy
    Entry 3
    dress from cndirect / chic side parted hairstyle
    Entry 4
    shorts from meg / side hair braid

    I love joining online contest.I join as much contest as I can and bragging aside, I usually win a lot.So for my entry to galaxy Mega challenge, I took a photo of some of my clothes that I won. I am happy that Im able to wear them and to match it with different hairstyle. I love being able to style my hair on my own that make me feel feminine and beautiful!chos! Confident is the major key here! Hope you enjoy my entry!

  21. Riyalyn gatdula
    Twitter: @rainkie
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:

  22. follow on twitter @pinkghosta the beach
    2.outfit of the day
    4.the sun if i win.

  23. Hello Ms. Tracy <3 I hope you'll pick me!!!

    This is my twitter account:

    Sorry if it's too many :3

  24. Hi Ms. Tracy I'm Bernadeth Cabardo - a pizza addict. :-)
    here's my email address

    I made a note on Facebook where I complied all of my entries,
    here's the link

    My instagram and twitter account is @cutiekelz

    Day 1 photo
    Day 2 photo
    Day 3 photo

  25. Here's my Three-Day Pizza Addiction

    Day 1:
    My kiddo and I bought a 2 Family Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut and when we got home, she grabbed a slice and fed me up and forcing me to have some bite. She's so sweet, and doesn't want me to be hungry. Eating is out best bonding.

    Day 2.
    My husband and I went to a grocery and I bought some stuffs for my homemade pizza for dinner. I bought some pizza dough, pizza sauce, onions, raisins, pepperoni, cheese, and pineapples tidbits. When we got home, I prepared all of the ingredients and started to put some pizza sauce on the pizza dough, next I put on some pepperoni and onions, lastly I put on the raisins, pineapples and the grated cheese. Time to bake. Waited for almost 20 mins until it's well done. uuhhhmmmm the smell drags me to heaven. The whole family had a great dinner with my homemade pizza.

    Day 3.
    This morning, I still wanted to eat some pizza that's why I headed off to the nearest chain. Here's Lot's A Pizza's Chicken Pepperoni with additional Pure Beef Pellets and Ham. What a great way to start up my day!

    My name is Bernadeth Cabardo
    Email address

    I also made a NOTE on FB which I made a compilation of my entries.
    Here's the link

  26. Hi Ms. Tracy :) here are my entries <3




    Hope to win :)

    ♡Jannine Miranda

  27. Hi Ms. Tracy :) Here are my entries <3




    Hope to win :)

    ♡ Jannine Miranda

  28. Hi Ms. Tracy this is a compilation of my entries, please feel free to check this note

    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:

    IG username : @imylovesbeng
    Twitter username : @jimmydiones
    Email Address :

  29. hi ms. tracy!
    just joined today.
    i hoping for a chance =))
    good luck to each of us.

    entry 1;
    awesome view! featuring mt.arayat! ;

  30. Hello, i did your #GalaxyMega Challenge, join me on my 7 day adventure. hope you like my entries.

    Name: Lovely Joy Merced
    Twitter: @Joyluck_614
    IG: Joyluck_614

    Here are my entries:
    Day 1. August 1:
    Day 2. August 2:
    Day 3. August 3:
    Day 4. August 4:
    Day 5. August 5:
    Day 6. August 6:
    Day 7. August 7:

    I'm a loving wife and a very caring mother of two adorable boys who happily takes on the challenge of everyday life as a mom, doing the best that i can to raise our kids to be good and smart people, I'm also doing what it takes to be an excellent wife. Mommyhood is awesome, it may seem like a daily routine but there are times where randomness kicks in and we do things out of the usual. Aside from being a mommy and wife, i also have my own hobbies and interests. I LOVE fashion, i love photography and i also love food and travelling. Put all of those together, think of ideas, express my thoughts and that's where the blogger comes out of me. Whenever i'm not doing my mommy duties or wife duties, infront of a computer is where you'll find me,updating my blog, or joining giveaways. A Samsung Galaxy Mega would do wonders for me, turn me into a mommy-on-the-go, will absolutely make my pictures better looking with it's 8mp snapper and will make blogging alot more convenient on it's huge screen, kids can use it for playing their favorite games and my hubby would love to use google maps on it while looking for driving directions. The bigger, the better right? Hoping to be chosen. Goodluck to all of us!

  31. name : ria romero
    e-mail address :

    twitter :

    1. - Being a mom is the most rewarding experience I have each day. Seeing the smile of my children is my great stress reliever. Today, is an ordinary day just like the other day but we have to see my little boy's doctor.

    2. - Ever since I gave birth to my second child, I become bigger that sometimes I really hate seeing myself in the mirror. I am trying myself to get fitter and smaller so I can fit again on my old clothes , But wouldn't it be so nice to cheat sometime and get a big dose of eating especially if you are having a great time with the whole family.

    3 - I so love blogging, I get a chance to show and spread my passion and my advocacy. Getting the chance to interact with others is something that makes me happy.

    4. - What I love being a mom is the fact that I don't need to look good and fabulous infront of them, I can stay as simple as i can be and even with a hug, i can make them laugh and happy.

    5. - Part of being a blogger is the chance to get sponsors and lots of freebies from companies. It is the time i get a chance to pose and have some pictorial.

    Samsung Galaxy Mega would be a great addition in our family because it can make me more organized and help me keep track the things I need to do. It would be a big help for my blogging because I can use it anytime anywhere unlike my PC which i can only use at home. Since my family loves to take pictures, this would indeed capture the best of us and give a lasting memory for all of us to remember.

  32. So this is my post last night. hehe.

    Twitter account:

    I really love to have Samsung Galaxy Mega <3 So that I won't bring my camera in my everyday adventure XD Hope you'll pick me! :)

  33. Here's my post last night. (addition to my entries)

    twitter account:

    Hope you'll pick me! I really loveeeeee to have a phone like Samsung Galaxy Mega. So that I won't bring my camera and borrow to my classmates/sister's phone in my everyday adventure :">


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