Like walking in the streets of Paris

Friday, July 12, 2013 —
Hello Paris??? :)

Fooled you! Haahaha!! I just went to a Parisian-inspired event a month ago (too many backlogs huhu) in Enderun :)

My loves Tin and Mama Sarah!

Ana Arnie Ava

Kyle Niche Paul

RJ and Elaine

The French chef who flew in from Hongkong (if my memory serves me right!) just to prepare our 4 course meal!

Amuse bouche, soupe a l'oignon gratinee, salmon mi cuit with caper herb dressing, and poulet roti a la basquiase. DELICIEUX!

Best ferrero cake EVER!!!! 

Cute event setup! I'm sure you're all curious what brand is this event about? What product from Paris is this? 

It's been a long time since I've worn sneakers. I just wear rubbershoes in the gym but never in a regular basis. But when TSA (the same people who brought havaianas here PS I got so addicted to havs I think I have 15 pairs hahaha) presented a new brand called BENSIMON, I told myself "hey! I think I can start wearing sneakers again!" Julia Roberts even wore a pair in her movie "Eat Pray Love" :D I can totally see myself biking around Bali or even Paris wearing Bensimon! What I love about them is that they're just simple. My love for anything minimalist is growing stronger than ever so I appreciate Bensimon sneakers a lot! Thinking of collecting :D 

What color should I get next?? :)

What's awesome about this new brand Bensimon is that they partnered with Virlanie foundation! Respect for brands who know how to give back :D

Here's my first outfit post wearing BENSIMON! So hard to pose with this kind of outfit. Laidback but I still wanted to look stylish. Hahaha pasado ba?? :)) More detailed outfit blog post HERE :)

Thank you Bensimon Philippines! :)

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